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Put some Magic in Your Spoon!

Welcome to The Magic Spoon! My name is Helen and I am passionate about helping busy women and Mums achieve optimum health and wellness. I’m a busy working Mum myself, so I know what it’s like to be under pressure.


Here, at The Magic Spoon, you’ll discover delicious, whole-food, easy-to-follow recipes that you and your whole family will adore! I'll give you shopping lists, fast, healthy solutions, the know-how, and lots, lots, more.


You’ll find out about super-foods, and what food groups your body needs.


You’ll learn how to nourish your body, mind and soul.


I’ll help you eat well, feel phenomenal and look better than ever before!


Above, you can access recipe bundles catering to you and your loved one's specific dietary requirements, whether you’re gluten or dairy intolerant, want healthy snacks to give the kids, fast, nutritious dinners, super smoothies... or just want to discover how to eat better, nutrient-dense whole foods.


And if you’d like to book a consultation, or an intolerance test, either in person or on-line, you can do so easily at the touch of a button.


Because I know when you’re feeling great, you can help everyone around you feel great too. Enjoy putting some magic in your spoon!


Helen x

The Magic Spoon Book Consultation Now

Book Your Online Consultation Here or at The Magic Spoon Clinic in Roscommon 

I have been working with Helen McSharry of The Magic Spoon for almost 2 years now and she holds clinics here at Eden Skin and Laser Clinic. We vet our visiting therapists and attending practitioners and Helen is one that we hold in very high esteem.


She is a wonderful asset to our skin clinic. Nutrition is such an important aspect of skin health and well being and we cross refer clients all the time. Helen's wealth of knowledge is a pearl in our practice. Her clinics book out well in advance. Her clients are delighted with the professional level of service that they get during consultation and the follow-up afterwards.

— Lucy Carty RGN DipN

Find us on Instagram @themagicspoonirl

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